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Between Us..IS OVER
Written at Rabu, 2 Februari 2011 | back to top

Between the two of us

It is unclear now available
Is it so hard to understand
What was it that went so wrong
Between the two of us

I'm so cold now
I can not feel my soul
My heart has been to the ice
O anyway, it's hot

Between the two of us

My strength is at an end
Because I live in a world in black and white '
But lying in your arms
Is like sunlight in a thousand years
My eyes are closed now
I can not open them again
I want to say how it is
But I have no voice

Between the two of us

Why do we let this go so far
Was it to show that we can
Or what they built on hate and sorrow
As we have been unable
Your heart I want to have
left in our lives
As we shared when the sky was blue
But we no longer leads anywhere
Now it's over between us